I Am Your Teen Speaking

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A must read of every parent and teen. This book is the best user guide for parents to groom, guide and mentor their volatile teens in a methodical and appropriate manner. The language is clear, concise and to the point in order to ensure that it is very accessible to parents and their teens. This can be used as a reference for counsellors, coaches, teachers and trainers who work with kids and teens. This book contains 100 aspects of concern in a teen s life. These are a compendium from author s work with thousands of her teen clients and parents over two decades coupled with recent research findings. This book is organized in a manner that your teen is speaking to you about his/her views and feelings about life, your attitude and behaviour towards them. The left side pages contain teen s discourse with you; the parents approach and tools to develop a strong teen have been given on right side pages. It gives a valuable outlook on how effective parenting should be. Teens will be able to identify and understand behaviours and emotional states that they are experiencing, which give them a sense of familiarity making the book very relatable.


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