Design Your Life To Buld A legacy

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This book can be considered as the best life construction manual which describes how to achieve maximum growth and establish the purpose of your life in a step by step manner. This book helps you to build your destiny. It makes you the architect of your legacy by understanding your capabilities, design your life, plan a robust strategy, build a dynamic legendary life and maintain your vitality. This book is a practical training guide for life coaches. The author Dr. Susan shares the best life building practices, tools and techniques that are used in thousands of her counselling and grooming sessions. These ready to use exercises and illustrations are in an easily accessible form to help you to plan, design and build your life to achieve your fullest potential. Reprogramming of your mind is essential in adapting to your unique life situations. The various powerful techniques and exercises in this book will help to reprogram your mind to lead a commendable life. You will learn to develop your mental hardiness, self confidence, intrinsic motivation and winning attitude to become your best self. This book will guide you in creating a workable life strategic plan together with life operating systems and critical skills to implement your robust strategic plan, to live an extraordinary life. When you leave this world, leave your unique legacy behind!


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