GOD OF DRAGONS The beginning

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Publishing Date: 03-11-2022

Mark had always found himself odd. Perhaps his adventurous mind was the only cause, but Mark loved it. One day his love for adventures brought him right to the gates of the shadows that thirst for nothing but blood.  All of a sudden, he found himself alone, scared and helpless! Dark minds set their eyes on him.
Can Mark survive in a world crowded with his brutal enemies or will he simply give up to the shadows?
Tazeen Swabri, born in 2010, is a home-schooled boy benefitted from the flexibility and freedom to create his own curriculum and schedule. He is an avid reader interested in language, geography, history, aviation and astronomy. Tazeen loves to sing and play piano. He is an active member of the Dubai Astronomy Group.
God of Dragons was written in eight months. He has started writing the second book of this series – �God of Dragons Part II�. He lives in the UAE with his parents and elder brother.


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