Adventures of Harry & jack

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Adventures of Harry& Jack is the first book of an Eight year old boy Ehaan Yousuf. It is an exciting, adventurous and beautiful story to read. It is a story of two young brothers finding treasures in their adventurous journey. The story is an adventurous one and shows great imagination in the description of characters. The story takes young readers into a fascinating journey through Harry and Jacks adventures searching for treasures and their love for adventure. The line of events is clearly described by the young author Ehaan Yousuf through his creative and detailed drawings. Each drawing allows young readers to enjoy uncovering the plot of the story. Each illustration enriches the story and shows the interesting scenes it conveys. The story also teaches young readers the importance of being curious, courageous and critical thinkers. Also the book will help to guide young readers into the magical world of reading.


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